Purposefully curated botanical elixirs from the heart of the earth

who we are

Headspace Elixirs offers an array of purposefully curated botanical beverages, embellished with unique flavors and medicinal herbs of the earth. Our highest mission is to build the connection between plants and people, revive ancient plant knowledge and a reverence for earth’s abundant medicines, celebrate sovereignty over our own well-being, and champion strength in community.

why we do this work


From seed to cup, we seek to fortify the sustainable movement by sourcing mindfully-harvested plants, using biodegradable packaging, and more.


We seek to dismantle and conquer a culture that glorifies unhealthy habits and replace it with a high vibe lifestyle that celebrates health, community, sovereignty and personal alignment.


By cultivating community over a common love for healthy and delicious concoctions, we hope to inspire the feeling that we can lean on one another to thrive in the world.

Earth Honor

The plants have been here all along to nourish us. Now is the time to return to the earth and relearn the wisdom of our ancestors so we may be empowered to take charge of our own well-being.


Delighting the senses is key to the goodness of life. We devote our time to carefully curating delicately-balanced flavors to bring herbs to the people in a captivating way. 

we cater

If you’re looking to level up your wedding, private party, or another upcoming event with delicious alcohol-free libations infused with medicinal herbs, you’re in the right place.